Homemade Cocktail Sauce

This sauce is very easy to make and it tastes really good on the fondue shrimp.  You can also use this if you want to serve cold cooked shrimp.  Actually, this is a recipe that you don't have to measure carefully because everyone likes their cocktail sauce different.  If you like your sauce hot, you will need to add more horseradish; if you like it very mild, you can add less.  We liked it just like the recipe is written.

Ingredients Needed:                            Equipment Needed:


1 cup ketchup

2 tablespoons prepared horseradish

juice of 1 lime


Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups

Rubber Scraper

Small Serving Bowl

How to Make Homemade Cocktail Sauce

First measure the ketchup and pour it into a small bowl. Add the horseradish. Cut the lime in half and squeeze each half into the sauce.  Make sure you take the seeds out of the lime halves if there are any. Stir the sauce until the ingredients are mixed well. 

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